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Bonding With Your Cat

By Marc Deschamps

Become Your Feline Friend's Best Buddy With A Great Cat Pet Toy!

Providing your feline friend with the right cat pet toy will make cat ownership more rewarding.

Many cats spend their days in home environments that are often lonely, and non-stimulating.

Without an outlet for pent-up mental and physical energy, some cats can become stressed, or even destructive. Luckily, you can help minimize these tendencies by enriching your cat s environment with stimulating, fun toys designed to appeal to their outgoing, playful natures.

Before purchasing any cat pet toy be sure to first pet-proof your home by picking up or concealing objects that, if eaten, could cause medical problems.

These include:

-Paper clips, pins, or staples

-Rubber bands, string, or shoelaces

-Pens or pencils

-Wires or power cords

-All children s toys

-Socks and pantyhose



-Human foods or medications

In addition, be sure to remove any items of clothing (including shoes, belts and other delicious leather goods) that your cat might find tasty.

Though cats tend to amuse themselves better than do their canine cousins, they too need some regular mental and physical stimulation to stay happy. Also, without an outlet for their strong predatory instincts, most cats will become stressed or even destructive; it is essential, then, to provide your cat with a stimulating home environment that includes the cat toys.

Cats are not quite as destructive as dogs with regard to playthings. Nevertheless, care should be taken that a non-supervised cat pet toy not contain any easily-swallowed pieces such as buttons, feathers, strings or squeakers.

Often, cat owners find that their feline friend will treat simple household items as treasured toys. Balled-up wads of newspaper, cardboard boxes stuffed with shredded paper, ping-pong balls, or even the cardboard cores of paper towel rolls can often occupy hours of a cat s time.

The following store-bought toys can also provide your cat with hours of fun. They include:

-Plastic or hard rubber balls, with or without noisemakers inside

-Small, soft, stuffed animals, with or without catnip inside

-Wind-up or battery-operated toys

-Teaser wands or laser pens (operated by you)

Be sure to rotate your cat pet toy (s) on a regular basis, to keep interest levels high. Also, keep them clean.

Don t simply let your feline friend play with a cat pet toy all on its own; instead, participate in the action. Doing so will help bond you to your cat, and make playtime all the more fun. Whether it s a game of fetch or a session with the teaser toy, your cat will soon come to see you as its greatest play buddy.

Providing your feline friend with a fun cat pet toy will help minimize problem behaviors and make cat ownership more rewarding.

About The Author

Marc Deschamps is the editor of Kitten Cat Magazine, a free online publication, where people can share their passion for cats and learn more about this extraordinary animal. Other articles on cat toys can be found at

© 2007 Marc Deschamps

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