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treats for your cat
The most common treat for your cat includes a variety of bite size shape foods

lessons about life from a lost dog
I would never minimize the pain of losing a pet. Yet one night as we were talking about Zack and how much we missed him, my husband said something that really struck home.

training pit bulls safely
A pit bull is definitely one of the more intelligent dog breeds and can easily be trained to interact with people without being a threat

what precautions should you take before giving Rimadyl to your dog?
Rimadyl was introduced by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in January 1997 to help treat dogs with inflammation and pain associated with surgery or canine arthritis. Is it safe?

bonding with your cat
Without an outlet for pent-up mental and physical energy, some cats can become stressed, or even destructive. Here's how to minimize these tendencies.

bird bath - adding nature and serenity to your life
If you enjoy nature but find yourself living in a small space, adding a bird bath is a perfect way for you to feel closer to nature.

lion picture
A well-taken lion picture, shot at close range, can reveal many things about the lion.

how to identify birds
Learning how to identify birds is not only a great hobby, it helps to bring you closer to nature.

penguin stuff - tuxedo animals
For all the people who love penguins, there are never enough penguin items to buy

animal photos
Animal photos show that animals feel real emotions the same as we do.

your own pet sitting business
Depending on where you live you may have to have a business license to operate a pet sitting business

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