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Penguin Stuff - Tuxedo Animals

By George Clark

Does your home resemble an Arctic refuge because it's so full of penguin stuff? And are you still looking for more penguin stuff?

Penguins are fascinating animals, and many folks have simply fallen in love with these cute, waddling animals. Around the world, there are thousands of collectors of penguin stuff.

While one is not likely to find an entire shop devoted to these sweet creatures, there are numerous places, both brick and mortar as well as online, that cater to those who desire to add their collection of penguin stuff. From penguin sheets to penguin automobile seat covers, the possibilities for finding penguin stuff are virtually endless.

It usually starts at an attraction or maybe a winter- time fair; this penchant that people have for penguin stuff. They pick up one of those cute, fuzzy little stuffed penguin toys and take it home, making a place for it on a shelf or dresser. Then, someone gives them more penguin stuff as gifts or tokens of affection, and their love of all things penguin just sets in.

A quick search on the Internet will uncover a myriad of sites devoted to these animals including penguin sheets and pillows, penguin jewelry, and penguin bathrobes, slippers and t-shirts. There are penguin planters for the garden and even plastic shaped penguins that make snow cones. If someone is looking for penguin stuff, they won't have a long time to search before they'll end up finding some thing they just can't live without.

Some people go over the edge and design an entire room using items that depict penguins. For the kitchen there are penguin plates and mugs, for the bathroom towels and designer soaps. A penguin lover could possibly have penguin curtains hanging in their bedroom, and maybe a penguin thermometer hanging on the outside of their house. As autumn rolls around many parents will dress their little ones in penguin Halloween costumes.  

The true collector of these items is sure to have a hand-blown glass penguin chess set, and who could possibly get by without owning a penguin board game? The list of penguin stuff continues tog row as retailers offer penguin-laden umbrellas, penguin soap dispensers, and for those hungry for a snack, you guessed it, penguin gummies!

For all the people who love penguins, there could never be enough things to buy. The collections will continue to grow, retailers will come up with new penguin stuff, and we will continue to buy them.

© 2007 George Clark

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