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Treats For Your Cat

By Marc Deschamps

A Treat For Your Cat : Nothing Is Better For Your Mutual Friendship !

As part of a balanced diet, a treat for your cat is complementary to regular meals. Serve a treat that is both nutritious and will enhance his good health. It is also a good way to help you build a solid relationship with your cat or kitten. As you are playing with your cat, you may introduce a treat for your cat, as a reward, if he finds you while playing hide-and-seek for example. And with patience, you may even teach him a few tricks and develop certain abilities you did not even dream of.

The most common treat for your cat includes a variety of bite size shape foods. Dry or moist, chicken, seafoods, fish, cheeze, meat filledor flavored are readily available on the market. Several companies will even deliver to your door.

Age and health condition are useful references in choosing a cat treat for your animal friend. Prefer a treat for your feline friend that will not have preservatives, artificial colouring and artificial flavour. A treat will help stimulate the appetite of an older cat or develop new tastes for your younger cat or kitten.

Here are some hints in choosing a treat for your cat:

For kittens, remember to moisten their food with warm water. That is until they reach the age of 8 to 9 weeks when their teeth are strong enough to bite into the harder treats. A high protein treat with a very little bit of crunch is recommended for this age group.

A treat for your cat at adult age (6 to 8 years old depending on species) still includes a high protein variety of foods and is very popular. Avoiding sugars, dyes and second grade meats are suggested. Hairball formulas may be of some help for those long-haired cats.

Treats for mature and older cats have to be chosen depending on different health problems they may have been showing in the recent years.This is when you have to pay particular attention to the food content of the treat for your cat. You may want to serve easy-to-digest formula treats, low calories, high fiber content ones. Softer textures can be of interest for your older cat who has teeth and gum problems. You should also include urinary track healthy products, ones to prevent tartar build up, breath freshnening, cleaning teeth agent formulas. No matter what health problem your cat may suffer from, there is always a treat for your cat that will have a soothing effect to help him live alonger, better quality life.

From his early age, it is important to vary your cat`s menu. This will help him adapt to many stressful situations he has to face with or withoutyou. But a treat for your cat is not intended to replace his regular meals. I would call it a deserved snack. Is is part of a fun time, a playing time and sometimes a learning experience for you and your cat.

And remember quality will always be better than quantity !!

About The Author

Marc Deschamps is the editor of Kitten Cat Magazine, a free online publication, where people can share their passion for cats and learn more about this extraordinary animal. Other articles on cat food can be found at

© 2007 Marc Deschamps

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