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Astrology Birth Chart

By Jason Lee

What is the purpose of an astrology birth chart? It is created to tell you all kinds of neat facts about your life, your past, your personality, and even your future based solely on when you were born.

The astrological chart is broken into 12 signs or Zodiacs, and each of them has different phases which correspond to the beginning, middle, and end of the astrology birth chart Zodiac. Each zodiac sign has a different implication for your astrology chart, as does your position inside that zodiac, and even the year you were born.

There are other things considered in an astrology birth chart, such as where the planets were with reference to the astrological signs when you were born, and the movement of other stars in the sky, but your astrology birth chart will keep track of all of these factors.

There was a time when I was a religious believer in the astrology birth chart, but I look back now and realize how naive I was to believe in astrological charts. Just because an astrology birth chart may be detailed, but that doesn't mean that it's true. The key to convincing people that something like an astrology chart is true, I think, is come up with the right combination of general statements and things that are apparently true, but can be read basically any way.

Everyone is a sucker for a statement about how they have a great destiny, but will have many obstacles to overcome along the way. It lets them believe that something wonderful will happen to them, and that they are somehow special, but gives them an excuse in the form of "obstacles" for not having met with such success as of yet.

Still, it is kind of neat to have an astrology birth chart and it is hard to not fall for all of the great knowledge and sense of destiny that it promises you. Who among us doesn't want to see his whole life laid out before him in a neat astrological chart which can tell them the answer to the questions that perplex all of us - why am I here, where am I bound, what does it all mean.

© 2007 Jason Lee

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