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Learning More About Astrology Birth Charts

By Benny Carlson

I get confused whenever I am asked what my birth sign is, and you will understand my dilemma when I explain you. If you follow the western horoscope, then I was born under the Capricorn sign, but the oriental astrology birth chart had other ideas, it said I was born under the sign of the snake.

And my confusion was further compounded by the lack of similarities in the characteristics of people born under these astrology birth charts. This made me throw in the towel concerning what the future hold for me.

However, this did not prevent me from taking occasional peek at the horoscope section of newspapers, and I will marvel at the accuracy of the people behind this thing. It so happen that anything they say will happen, had in fact happened, and conversely the things they foretold had occurred.

The dilemma I face this time is how to determine which among my oriental and occidental astrology birth chart predictions will come to pass. This is because the characteristics mentioned were direct opposites and the prophecies as I prefer to call them, are very much the same.

To avert further confusion, I finally had both astrology birth charts drawn up so that I can decipher some useful tips from them.

The reason I adopted this approach was that despite the wide gulf between both signs, there might still be a small element of similarity in both astrology birth charts because of my identical time of birth, the date, place, and the location.

Again I found out that I got it totally wrong. What I failed to factor into my decision was the fact that both civilizations formed their astrology birth chart on the celestial chart depending on how each region sees it.

Thus I was viewed through the milky way by the western astrology birth chart, the oriental(read Chinese) sees it from a completely different perspective. My spirit has been dealt a fatal blow by this conflicting astrology birth charts.

Then I found out a solution to the whole logjam; I started telling whoever cares to listen that it will amount to outright foolishness to believe that the alignment and position of the stars or an astrology birth chart can collude to determine peoples fate or destiny.

And since I made this decision, though my life has not improved much and did not take a tumble either, but my peace of mind is at least assured. I have practically lost faith in the all the noise about predicting the future, rather the slogan what will be will be has now become my article of faith.

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