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Astrology, Crime, and Insurance

In the future, will police use astrology to solve crimes? Will insurance companies use astrology to assign rates? Will mothers choose the time of conception so that their child will be born with the 'right' astrology sign?

Are Astrologers just plain stupid?

by: Adrian Fourie

We live at an interesting time of scientific knowledge. Scientists say that you cannot gain an advantage over the Casino, since the odds are stacked against you. Scientists also say that Astrology does not seem feasible, since it does not fit in with known scientific laws. However, it is estimated that approximately 100 million people in the world either follow Astrology or see that there is some truth in it.

Are all these people gullible or stupid? Do people just follow something in their millions, century after century, if there is nothing there? Are humans really this fickle, or is it because each of them has had personal experiences or discoveries that have made them see that something very real and valid is going on? Avoid being too fickle yourself when answering this question!

Why this is an interesting time is because of this disparity in scientific and common knowledge. One day, probably in the not-too-distant future, when science has begun to unravel the causes and effects of Astrology in more detail, several areas of life will change form or lose their appeal. Can you imagine a world where Insurance companies would work out your motor vehicle premiums based on how accident-prone your birth-chart was? Or where police would be able to short-list you with regards to having committed a crime on a specific date? Or where employers would first look at your Astrological compatibility with the existing staff-members? Or where mothers would choose the time of their child's Caesarian birth so as to avoid a Scorpio moon, a Saturn opposition or whatever? Can you imagine a world of Astrological discrimination? Are you beginning to appreciate why Astrology is known as 'secret' or 'hidden' knowledge? Why it is 'protected'? Why you can argue with someone or spell it out to them until you are blue in the face, and they still won't see it? They are not thick. They are just excluded.

Astrology is a gift. It 'forces open' your Third Eye. Certain aspects in a person's natal chart, especially to or from Mercury and Uranus, enable (or permit) them to see its truth. For the rest, it is simply blocked. They just don't get it, or are not interested. They cannot, or may not, take advantage of the influences affecting their lives. Without a doubt, there are times which are favorable for one to undertake various tasks or activities, and times when it is extremely unadvisable to undertake these same activities. The sterile world of scientists, insurance companies, criminal investigators, psychiatrists, and... yes, casinos, is still mostly unaware of these hugely deterministic influences that affect our lives and fortunes.

Thank goodness! Would you rather be one of the first people to take advantage of a gold rush, or only get in when the millions in their hordes were frantically trying to make their fortunes? Be grateful for your your knowledge, your 'gift', and things as they stand. Take advantage of esoteric knowledge, before it becomes common knowledge.

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About The Author

27 years habitual gambler, studied astrology for 15 years and believes he has found a way to predict lucky days based on planetary transit shapes.

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