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Astrology Reports Can Help With Relationships

There are two main types of astrology reports - synastry astrology reports and composite astrology relationship reports. We explain what each type of astrology report is and how it should be used.

The difference between synastry and composite astrology relationship reports

author: Jill Nightingale

In astrology there is more than one way to analyze a relationship. Two of the major methods are synastry and composite relationship reports. These reports are distinct from each other and are complimentary.

A synastry report analyzes each chart separately and compares them to each other to determine areas of ease, area of conflict, and general compatibility between the individuals as well as the relationship potential of each person involved in the relationship. This kind of chart considers each person individually and as they related to each other.

A composite report does not take into consideration the individuals involved but rather analyzes the relationship itself. This report averages the information from each of the charts and creates a new and separate entity that is the chart of the relationship itself. In a composite chart the idea is that the relationship is greater than (or at least not the same as) the sum of its parts. Individuals who have a 'perfect' synastry comparison may not have an easy composite chart and the reverse is true as well.

Astrology reports are a wonderful tool. With synastry, composite or any kind of relationship analysis astrology reports it is especially important to remember that no astrology report can tell an individual whether a relationship will or will not work. What a synastry or relationship analysis report CAN tell an individual about their relationship with another person is how much effort the relationship will take - what aspects of the relationship come easily, which take some effort, the strengths and the weaknesses of the relationship. With the awareness and insights provided by an astrological compatibility astrology report, partners can have a better understanding of themselves, each other, and their relationship.

Relationship compatibility / synastry reports are not limited to romantic relationships, but provide useful information for friends and business associates as well.

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