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Chinese Zodiac Symbols

By Jason Lee

It's enlightening to compare the Chinese zodiac symbols with the western astrological signs. It's fascinating to study the different horoscopes with regard to birth dates (and times) and find that each of the Chinese zodiac symbols are as close to being accurate personality indicators as the western symbols/signs are. It's also interesting to consider how the symbols extend to being used in something other than telling one's future/luck/personality.

Have you ever played Mahjong Garden, at It's my favorite pass time activity using Chinese zodiac symbols.

Each set won yields a "reward" of one of the Chinese zodiac symbols anthropomorphized and spiritualized.  To clarify - there are twelve individual tile arrangements that you play.  Each arrangement is in the design of one of the Chinese zodiac symbols.  At the successful matching of all tiles on the board, an animated scroll appears, opens, and reveals one of the animals, holding an object that represents a phenomenon or human spiritual characteristic.  Here are the Chinese zodiac symbols and their 'gift', as they appear on Pogo:

1st game-rat is the design, and the rat brings the gift of charm or jade, representing perfection

2nd game-ox is the design, and the ox brings the gift of optimism or apples, representing education

3rd game-tiger is the design, and the tiger brings the gift of sensitivity

4th game-rabbit is the design, and the rabbit brings the gift of humility or oranges, representing good fortune

5th game-dragon is the design, and the dragon brings the gift of energy or a green box, symbolizing harmony

6th game-snake is the design, and the snake brings the gift of intellect

7th game-horse is the design, and the horse brings the gift of popularity or cheer

8th game-ram is the design, and the ram brings the gift of love or the arts

9th game-monkey is the design, and the monkey brings the gift of energy

10th game-rooster is the design, and the rooster brings the gift of pride or a gold box, representing strength

11th game-dog is the design, and the dog brings the gift of noodles, representing long life

12th game-boar is the design, and the boar brings the gift of sincerity.

And with that completed set, you get a whole scroll opening across the screen, that has each of the Chinese zodiac symbols-all the animals.

© 2007 Jason Lee

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