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astrology birth chart
The astrological chart is broken into 12 signs or Zodiacs, and each of them has different phases which correspond to the beginning, middle, and end of the astrology birth chart Zodiac.

astrology matching - finding your mate
Thousands of years ago, astrology was thought of as both an art and a science.

chinese zodiac symbols
It's enlightening to compare the Chinese zodiac symbols with the western astrological signs.

chinese year of the horse
The Chinese zodiac has twelve signs and, unlike in our western astrology, in Chinese astrology each sign lasts for a year.

indian matrimonials and astrology
Astrology is considered to be the oldest of all sciences, which studies the effects of the planetary positions and movements on our lives.

understanding astrological predictions
Opinions about astrological prediction are generally divided: Mysterious. Magical. Nonsense.

are Scorpio children high maintenance?
Scorpios get a lot of bad press. They're vindictive, mean, and obsessed with sex. That's not really fair.

chinese astrology explained
Are you confused about the meanings of Chinese astrology? Would you like to know more about this 5000 year old art?

Astrology and relationships
One of the reasons astrology is such a useful tool is its neutrality. By describing a relationship astrologically, a distance can be achieved.

Using astrology and the moon to predict the future
Why should you bother to follow astrology? For the same reasons that we follow the weatherman's report. We want to be forewarned of the possibility of storms and conflicts so we can protect ourselves accordingly.

Astrology, Crime, and Insurance
Astrology is a gift. It 'forces open' your Third Eye. Certain aspects in a person's natal chart, especially to or from Mercury and Uranus, enable (or permit) them to see its truth.

Astrology symbols
People knew about the astrology symbols for many years. For many years astrology symbols have been used to stand for the different signs of the zodiac.

The astrology zone
You will find many free services at astrology zone as well as paid services that include getting personalized reports of your choice.

Astrology zodiac
Once your astrology charts, daily astrology reading and daily horoscope have been determined you can use them to help you make decisions about many things.

Indian astrology
Indian astrology is believed to be the oldest system of astrology in the world. It is highly authentic and its predictions are believed to be the most accurate.

Why to blame astrology
Why To Blame Astrology??

Is It Possible To Make Accurate Predictions From Astrology?
For making accurate astrology predictions, which is the main business of the astrology you require accurate tools.

Astrology compatibility
In determining astrology compatibility, some planets dominate and the others do not. The dominating planet will influence the personality more.

Astrology reports can help with relationships
Iin astrology, there are two main types of astrology reports that can be used to analyze a relationship.

The key players in astrology
Astrologers are an independent, eclectic, futuristic and dynamic group of people. Here are some of the key players.

The value of an astrology birth chart
Each civilization devised its own astrology birth chart based on the celestial chart as seen from that specific region, there is a lot of sense making things in European and Chinese birth charts.

Is astrology a real science?
It is believed that the positions of the celestial bodies in the sky influences many things such as your personality traits, your physical characteristics and even important things that will happen within your life.

Gaining an edge from astrology
Astrology as typically seen in the West through silly horoscopes in the newspaper, does not work. Yet a seasoned astrologer can shed enormous light on your life.

Influence of astrology in Indian marriages
In India, when a child attains marriageable age, his/her natal chart is matched with those of prospective brides and grooms to find an astrologically compatible match.

Learning more about astrology birth charts
Does it amount to outright foolishness to believe that the alignment and position of the stars or an astrology birth chart can collude to determine peoples fate or destiny?

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