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Audio Books Online - My Dyslexia Cure

I hate to read books. Maybe it's my dyslexia or maybe it's just that I'm lazy. At any rate, finding audio books online is the best thing to happen to me.

I first discovered audio books online from while aimlessly surfing. When I found that I could listen to books instead of reading them, I was immediately hooked. The ability to shop for audio books online and listen to them reminds me of my time as a child when my mom would read to me and I had to expend no effort whatsoever.

For starters, some great sites, such as, EBay (search "audio book"), and, offer audio books online for sale.  But further, we can also find audio books online, books that are not for sale but are in the public domain, as the books on which the audios are based have been in existence, were written, or were approved for re-reading before or beyond intellectual property/copyright laws.  In other words, there are many type of audio books online to choose from.

When you do a general search for audio books online, be forewarned: you will get such items/titles as I describe here.  You will also get many online books results with your search engine from those SELLING audio books online.

The list I'm about to provide you with are a list of audio books online that are not necessarily bestsellers, contemporary text books for science class, or any kind of books for sale.  All of the following, that is, are FREE audio books online...literally:

Wired for Books (  - Not only features books online, but poetry, oratories, and audio books versions of literature read by the living writers (reading aloud their own works) and read by writers and literati (reading aloud the works of those long gone but not forgotten).

Professor Martin Spinelli's Literary Audio Links page    (http://wings. - ample possibilities here.  Though not all are audio books online, many are snippets, excerpts and full texts of short stories, essays, and more.

Random House's Bold Type ( sound/links.html) - features excerpts of the hottest of literature.  Wonderful possibilities, here.

Jewish Stories from the Old World to the New (http://wings.buffalo. edu/epc/sound/links.html) - audio books online, audio excerpts, and audio short stories-read by celebrities and star authors.

These are good places for finding audio books online.  But as more and more authors and publishers have discovered, there is a huge market for audio books. So if your favorite author has not done an audio book yet, he or she will soon.

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I'm a truck driver and before I discovered audio books online I often found myself bored to tears on my long cross country trips.

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Audio CD books are ideal for commuters, the elderly or the blind, and people that have reading difficulties.

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