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Audio Books Online Help Entertain Truck Driver

I'm a truck driver and before I discovered audio books online I often found myself bored to tears on my long cross country trips.

Keeping myself entertained during the long haul isn't just a matter of enjoyment. My success at my job and my very safety depend on it. Think about it - driving 15, maybe 16 hours at once down the highway, 10 feet off the ground, bouncing around, staying focused and on task is no easy task.

There are all kinds of tricks that truckers use. It an open secret that many of us take speed. Others go over what they did the last day, or talk on their CBs to each other, but for me - well, my heart condition means even caffeine is to be avoided, and there's only so much small talk which I can make with strangers. So, after a while, I found the best way for me to stay alert: ordering audio books online to listen to on the cross country drives.

Yeah, sometimes I take them out of the library instead of getting my audio books online. I feel like, if it's free, I should do it. But I'm terrible about deadlines, and the service I use to order my audio books online doesn't charge any kind of late fee. It is set up just like Netflix, actually; I get the next audio book online when I return the previous one, and I can have up to five out at once - more than enough for a 3 day haul and the return trip!

Of course, it's best to order a variety of audio books online at first. Because, what you enjoy reading at home isn't necessarily going to be what is fun for you to listen to when you are driving.

When at home, I mostly read do it yourself books on fixing things, redoing your kitchen, etc. When I do read fiction, it is usually pretty heavy stuff - the classics, you might say. I love, above all, the Russians - Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Nabokov.

But you don't want to be listening to something like that on the road. You need something lighter, something that doesn't require too much attention. When I order audio books online for my trip, I've found that mysteries are great, thrillers, even better. Lots of excitement, but little intellectual commitment required - the perfect thing to listen to while you're driving down the road.

I've found that my favorite audio books online are books that I'd never read while at home because of all the distractions at home. But with nothing to do on the long road trips, these online books become my closest companions.

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I hate to read books. So finding audio books online is the best thing to happen to me.

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Audio CD books are ideal for commuters, the elderly or the blind, and people that have reading difficulties.

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