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Certified Addiction Counselor

A wise career choice for anyone having trouble finding a job is becoming a certified addiction counselor. Addiction is an ever-present problem for a lot of societies today, and for the most part it is not getting significantly better. The good news is it is clear that addiction handling does work, and our current handling of it are more successful than ever. The bad news is there isn't nearly sufficient available treatment for everyone that needs it.

It's an ever-growing field, and there is invariably a high demand for certified addiction counselors all over the U.S. and indeed most of the entire globe. One clear advantage of being a certified addiction counselor is that you'll never be out of work. This is good in the sense of job security, but of course bad in the sense that it's a measure of how prevalent the illness of addiction is.

As a certified addiction counselor you can do a lot of different things in the field of addiction management. Nearly all management facilities have a whole host of different positions, all of which require at least some training in addiction management and a good understanding of treatment facilities. As a certified addiction counselor you can of course become involved in a lot of group or one on one counseling, but at the same time you can work as an intake counselor, after care counselor, relapse prevention specialist, treatment planner, and much more.

If you are interested in becoming a certified addiction counselor, a good certification to seek is one from the NAADAC (National Association of Alcohol and medicine Abuse counselors) organization. A good number of states have a NAADAC affiliated certification board; in California, it is termed CAADAC.

These certifications tend to be among the most respected and the most intensive. While numerous states have yet to choose a required minimum standard for certified addiction counselors, having a NAADAC affiliated certification is a guarantee that you'll be well above the requirements and have no problem at all in finding employment..

I'm currently working on a CAADAC certification myself, and even though I'm not yet a certified addiction counselor I've found plenty of work just with the CAADAC training I've completed to date.

Now that I've completed the educational requirements to be a certified addiction counselor, I simply need to accumulate the 6000 required internship hours to get my CAADAC certification. It's a huge number of hours, and it's a big part of the reason why CAAADAC certified addiction counselors are so well respected in the field.

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