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Christmas Decorations

From holiday gift Christmas baskets to mistletoe, Christmas decorations in the U.S. bear a striking resemblance to Christmas decorations in Germany.

It is thought that the earliest use by people of using Christmas decorations began sometime in the sixteenth century and that they made an appearance in Germany as well as in Latvia with the Christmas tree being decorated to celebrate the great day, and at that time ornaments made out of roses were used which were then followed by use of nuts, wafers, and candles.

During the early times after Christmas decorations became to be used, it was quite normal to see ornaments being painted that were generally wooden items or even those made from glass.

So, it is not very surprising to learn that it is still Germany where the best Christmas decorations can be seen and there is also a lot of history behind the ornaments used to decorate the Christmas trees that have survived many generations and which add to the Christmas celebrations. Thus, families cherish the wonderful memories that these Christmas ornaments hold for them and with Christmas being celebrated throughout the world, there is a lot of scope as far as Christmas decorations go.

In Russia, it is common to find handmade Christmas decoration ornaments being sold that embody a lot of tradition while in Germany there are entire Christmas markets where to shop for Christmas decorations. Thus, you can find everything that is required to decorate the home and you can also use Christmas decorations to hang banners out on the streets and to reminisce about Jesus it is also often the case that we want to include in the Christmas decorations things such as ivy, mistletoe and also holly which makes the winter nights especially magical.

There is no doubt that the better the Christmas decorations are, the fonder will be the memories that will also bring much cheer to otherwise chilly and dark winter nights and which will warms you to the bottom of your heart. The one Christmas decoration that nobody wants to do without is the mistletoe or the kissing plant which is usually found displayed at the doorway to the home and when you stand beneath the mistletoe, it is time to be kissed or to kiss, and this is really a myth from the Nordic lands as too in some European countries as well.

Another wonderful Christmas decoration item is holly that many believe has magic attached to it and especially the Germans who consider it a good luck charm to ward off hostile enemies.

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