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My Love Affair With The Braun Shaver

By Jim Peterson

How I came to love the Braun Shaver

From the time I was a boy, I've been wrestling with shaving. I come from a really hairy family and started sprouting facial hair at the age of 12.

Of course the grownups wouldn't allow me to shave at that age, but I would still slink into my dad's cupboard to experiment with his razor.

As my experiments grew bolder and resulted in better shaves. My facial hair grew longer, stronger and faster than ever before. And as I entered adulthood, the regular razors were of no utility at all in tackling the hair growth.

I still remember the first shaver I bought. It was a shiny black Braun shaver. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get my hands on it. It had been launched with much fanfare only a few months ago and each day, as I walked past the department store, I would see glowing advertisements for the 'New Braun Shaver - the ultimate accessory for a man'.

Naturally, I wanted to own it as soon as I could. And when I had finally saved up sufficient money to afford it, I proudly walked into the store and bought my first Braun shaver.

I enjoyed many, many days of pleasurable shaving with the Braun shaver. It was smooth, efficient and gave me a totally clean shave. Truth be told, I really enjoyed the emotion of owning a Braun shaver more than actually using it. But there were no complaints regarding using it either.

The Braun shaver was the best personal accessory, bar none, that I ever owned. And then, stupidly, I began taking it along on my travels and somehow managed to leave it behind in a hotel closet.

You may find it hard to believe how I agonized over my loss. I tried for days to get another shaver but my heart was too much set on my Braun shaver. No other shaver I used came close to the perfection of the Braun shaver.

Nevertheless since I didn't have the money to go and get one more Braun shaver immediately - I waited and saved for the day when I would be able to afford another Braun shaver.

There were and have been numerous other kinds of shavers available in the marketplace. But my heart was always set on the Braun shaver.

Luckily I didn't have to wait too long. The decreasing prices of shavers in general soon ensured that I could once again be the proud owner of a brand new Braun shaver.

© 2007 Jim Peterson

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