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Unusual Ways to Cure Razor Burn

By Jim Peterson

What is razor burn?

Razor burn is a kind of burning sensation you get after shaving, and is caused by the irritating effects of having all your skins natural moisture harshly removed by a sharp edge, leaving it sensitive, dry, and inflamed.  

Shaving is a very unnatural and high friction process that can produce adverse effects in your skin.  Sometimes razor burn can be very uncomfortable, and can cause visible rashes and bumps along the face and neck, or any other place you shave regularly.  Because it can be both ugly and painful, people have been using different methods to cure razor burn for centuries.

I have very thick facial hair, and shaving for me has always produced some really bad razor burn.  When I first started shaving as a teenager, it was so bad it looked like horrible acne on some days.  

My older brother eventually clued me in about the wonderful world of shaving side effects, and started me on the road to investigating ways to cure razor burn.  To cure razor burn, he suggested using one of any number of products designed to do just that.  And indeed, there are a number of aftershave lotions that are meant to cure razor burn.  

Personally, I found these products to do little other than make me smell nice.  Many of the products marketed as remedies for razor burn have alcohol in them, and sometimes make my face feel even drier and more inflamed than before.  I've had much better luck using products that aren't designed to cure razor burn in order to cure razor burn.  

My personal favorite way to cure razor burn is a lotion made by Vaseline, called Vaseline Intensive Care.  It's not anything like their trademark petroleum jelly, and is marketed as a body lotion but I find that it works great as a way to remedy razor burn.  If I later it on within ten minutes or so after shaving, I find I almost never experience razor burn symptoms.  

Also, I've found that some aloe vera based gels or lotions can work great as a way to cure razor burn as well.

It helps to take care while you shave as well.  Don't use force or apply much pressure when you make your strokes, just try remove the hair as lightly as possible.  Some amount of razor burn is often unavoidable, so you'll probably want to have a way to cure razor burn handy regardless of how carefully you shave.  

Since razor burn is essentially the same thing in both men and women, razor burn cures should work equally well for anyone.  A product to cure razor burn specifically designed for men or women probably only differs in the kind of perfumes used in it.

© 2007 Jim Peterson

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