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how to cure razor bumps

By Jim Peterson

A Blade Man's Guide to Curing Razor Bumps

No matter what sex you are, you probably shave. We men are constantly putting the razor to our faces, while women are stuck with larger areas to groom. Each of these has the potential to be a harsh and excruciating process.

Not every man or woman can shave with ease and never acquire a razor bump, ingrown hair or nick from the blade. This is why specialists have provided a range of products to arm the less fortunate. These days we can stop nicks and cuts, dowse our mugs with fine aftershaves, and cure razor bumps with the right remedies.

Do you shave with an electric or shave with a blade? I'm a blade man myself, but I certainly understand those that use electric razors. In my experience it really doesn't matter which route you take, you can still suffer razor bumps.

And even though razor bumps are the last thing any man or woman wants, it's easy to cure razor bumps if you understand how.

Back when I was the ripe age of 19, I was viciously attacked by an ingrown whisker. One stinking whisker was growing beneath my skin. This was something I was totally unprepared for. I literally looked like I had caught a right hook to the jaw.

I immediately hopped onto my brother's computer to find a cure. After a few minutes of searching, I came across something called "Tend Skin". I had never heard of it, but it claimed to cure razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I had it shipped overnight.

Upon using it, my first response was that it smelled kind of funny. I dabbed it on the ingrown hair bump and by morning it had pulled it out to the surface. Astounding! My razor bumps had been cured!

Do you really want to cure razor bumps fast? Like acne, razor bumps can be a horrible shot to the ego and confidence. But if you take the time to hop online and punch in the words, "cure razor bumps," you will find many options at your disposal.

Baxter of California makes a product to cure razor bumps. But it's only one of the products that promise to cure razor bumps fast these days. With modern treatments on your side, those bothersome bumps will vanish in the blink of an eye. So take back your confidence today and cure razor bumps before they get any worse.

© 2007 Jim Peterson

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