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how to cure razor bumps
Not every man or woman can shave with ease and never acquire a razor bump, ingrown hair or nick from the blade.

unusual ways to cure razor burn
Razor burn is a kind of burning sensation you get after shaving, and is caused by the irritating effects of having all your skins natural moisture harshly removed by a sharp edge

Dave's Shave Tips
Use these common household items to replace your shaving cream.

how to shave your armpits
For women it's kind of an unspoken rule that once you have hair in your armpits, you need to start shaving it.

finesse female facial hair removal
First and foremost, a female should determine the underlying cause of her facial hair before deciding on a removal method.

laser hair removal
Amongst all the options of hair removal available in the market today, laser hair removal seems to be the most promising.

hair remover for men - chest hair no longer in style
Times have changed. Chest hair is no longer acceptable. Here's how to best remove it.

how to get rid of unwanted hair
Information on the hair-removal methods that exist today?

laser hair removal information
The ideal candidate for laser hair removal has dark hair and dark skin. Redheads and fair-skinned people may not be well suited for this approach to removing unwanted hair.

Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator
The Smooth and Silky has a very unique hair removal system that removes hair from the root so your skin will stay silky smooth and hair free for up to 4 to 6 weeks

shaver-razor batteries
The right type of razor battery and the right type of charger can help to maintain an electric razor and save money in the long run.

shaving your sensitive areas
The pubic area is quite different and certainly more sensitive than other parts of the body you might already be shaving.

hair removal tips
More and more people are engaging in cosmetic enhancements in order to correct, improve, or modify the hair on their body.

unwanted facial hair, hair removal
More and more women are obsessed with removing unwanted facial hair today. Here are some suggestions.

Gillette safety razors
I've been using Gillette safety razors ever since I begin shaving years ago. As the people who practically invented the safety razor and marketed it for the first time way back in 1901, they do seem to recognize a little something about shaving razors and shaving products that other companies just don't get.

my love affair with the braun shaver
The Braun shaver was the best personal accessory, bar none, that I ever owned.

facial hair
Shaving can be traced back to the early Egyptians, who were known for bathing several times a day and removing unwanted body hair using a clamshell.

curing razor bumps and ingrown hairs
Are you ready to cure your razor bumps and get back that smooth baby face?

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