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my love affair with the braun shaver
The Braun shaver was the best personal accessory, bar none, that I ever owned.

facial hair
Shaving can be traced back to the early Egyptians, who were known for bathing several times a day and removing unwanted body hair using a clamshell.

richard m nixon
Depending on who we are, how old we are, and where we come from, associations with Richard M. Nixon vary greatly.

curing razor bumps and ingrown hairs
Are you ready to cure your razor bumps and get back that smooth baby face?

how to cure razor bumps
Not every man or woman can shave with ease and never acquire a razor bump, ingrown hair or nick from the blade.

unusual ways to cure razor burn
Razor burn is a kind of burning sensation you get after shaving, and is caused by the irritating effects of having all your skins natural moisture harshly removed by a sharp edge

Dave's Shave Tips
Use these common household items to replace your shaving cream.

how to shave your armpits
For women it's kind of an unspoken rule that once you have hair in your armpits, you need to start shaving it.

finesse female facial hair removal
First and foremost, a female should determine the underlying cause of her facial hair before deciding on a removal method.

laser hair removal
Amongst all the options of hair removal available in the market today, laser hair removal seems to be the most promising.

hair remover for men - chest hair no longer in style
Times have changed. Chest hair is no longer acceptable. Here's how to best remove it.

audio books online
I'm a truck driver and before I discovered audio books online I often found myself bored to tears on my long cross country trips.

how to get rid of unwanted hair
Information on the hair-removal methods that exist today?

laser hair removal information
The ideal candidate for laser hair removal has dark hair and dark skin. Redheads and fair-skinned people may not be well suited for this approach to removing unwanted hair.

Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator
The Smooth and Silky has a very unique hair removal system that removes hair from the root so your skin will stay silky smooth and hair free for up to 4 to 6 weeks

shaver-razor batteries
The right type of razor battery and the right type of charger can help to maintain an electric razor and save money in the long run.

audio books online dyslexia cure
I hate to read books. So finding audio books online is the best thing to happen to me.

audio cd book
Audio CD books are ideal for commuters, the elderly or the blind, and people that have reading difficulties.

shaving your sensitive areas
The pubic area is quite different and certainly more sensitive than other parts of the body you might already be shaving.

hair removal tips
More and more people are engaging in cosmetic enhancements in order to correct, improve, or modify the hair on their body.

unwanted facial hair, hair removal
More and more women are obsessed with removing unwanted facial hair today. Here are some suggestions.

astrology birth chart
The astrological chart is broken into 12 signs or Zodiacs, and each of them has different phases which correspond to the beginning, middle, and end of the astrology birth chart Zodiac.

astrology matching - finding your mate
Thousands of years ago, astrology was thought of as both an art and a science.

chinese zodiac symbols
It's enlightening to compare the Chinese zodiac symbols with the western astrological signs.

chinese year of the horse
The Chinese zodiac has twelve signs and, unlike in our western astrology, in Chinese astrology each sign lasts for a year.

indian matrimonials and astrology
Astrology is considered to be the oldest of all sciences, which studies the effects of the planetary positions and movements on our lives.

understanding astrological predictions
Opinions about astrological prediction are generally divided: Mysterious. Magical. Nonsense.

are Scorpio children high maintenance?
Scorpios get a lot of bad press. They're vindictive, mean, and obsessed with sex. That's not really fair.

chinese astrology explained
Are you confused about the meanings of Chinese astrology? Would you like to know more about this 5000 year old art?

bird bath - adding nature and serenity to your life
If you enjoy nature but find yourself living in a small space, adding a bird bath is a perfect way for you to feel closer to nature.

burglar alarm system
A good burglar alarm system is worth its weight in gold.

lion picture
A well-taken lion picture, shot at close range, can reveal many things about the lion.

how to identify birds
Learning how to identify birds is not only a great hobby, it helps to bring you closer to nature.

penguin stuff - tuxedo animals
For all the people who love penguins, there are never enough penguin items to buy

animal photos
Animal photos show that animals feel real emotions the same as we do.

your own pet sitting business
Depending on where you live you may have to have a business license to operate a pet sitting business

treats for your cat
The most common treat for your cat includes a variety of bite size shape foods

lessons about life from a lost dog
I would never minimize the pain of losing a pet. Yet one night as we were talking about Zack and how much we missed him, my husband said something that really struck home.

training pit bulls safely
A pit bull is definitely one of the more intelligent dog breeds and can easily be trained to interact with people without being a threat

what precautions should you take before giving Rimadyl to your dog?
Rimadyl was introduced by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in January 1997 to help treat dogs with inflammation and pain associated with surgery or canine arthritis. Is it safe?

bonding with your cat
Without an outlet for pent-up mental and physical energy, some cats can become stressed, or even destructive. Here's how to minimize these tendencies.

think your car is safe from thieves? think again
Think your car is safe from thieves? think again

car crime
The most attractive place for thieves to steal a vehicle is in a poorly lit, unattended or isolated location, where they are provided with time and no distractions from carrying out the crime.

reducing car crime
It is not illegal for weekend mechanics to buy a salvaged vehicle, repair it, and sell it to you.

Tips to prevent becoming a carjacking crime victim
Most carjack crime victims say they never saw the carjacker until they appeared at their car door.

Telemarketing fraud is making a comeback
How telemarketing fraud is being used to get your credit card number and other personal information that can be used to spend your money like crazy.

Protect your bank account from hackers
protecting your bank account from hackers

diversity lottery
Each year, the Diversity Lottery (DV) Program makes 55,000 immigrant visas available through a lottery to people who come from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

Gillette safety razors
I've been using Gillette safety razors ever since I begin shaving years ago. As the people who practically invented the safety razor and marketed it for the first time way back in 1901, they do seem to recognize a little something about shaving razors and shaving products that other companies just don't get.

return address labels
Return address labels are an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your mail. They can also save you a good deal of time trying to type or write out the information yourself.

science fiction books
I have invariably enjoyed science fiction books, from the time I was an extremely little child on. When I was 8 years old, I joined a science fiction book club, where we would read a number of the science fiction classics.

New York city photos
People all over the world have by now seen New York City photos of the worst day of the twenty-first century.

certified addiction counselor
A wise career choice for anyone interested in taking part in addiction handling is becoming a certified addiction counselor. Addiction is an ever-present problem for a lot of societies today, and for the most part it is not getting significantly better. The good news is it is clear that addiction handling does work, and our current handling of it are more successful than ever. The bad news is there isn't nearly sufficient available treatment for everyone that needs it.

Crime report - when debt collectors cross the line
"If you don't pay this bill today, we're going to have a warrant issued for your arrest." - Has a debt collector commtted a crime when he says this to you?

How to protect yourself from credit card fraud
Prevent credit dard fraud. Periodically review your credit reports. Order your credit report from each of them at least once a year. More tips follow...

Identity theft - how to tell if you've been a victirm
Some people don't discover they have been identity theft victims until they go to buy a car, get a second mortgage, or open a new credit card.

Counterfeit handbags and terrorism
There are a lot of people out there who purchase counterfeit handbags or other knock-offs without fully appreciating the consequences.

4% of all identity theft involves children
If you know or suspect that someone is wrongly using their child's personal information, then you should contact the authorities. Don't sit idly by while identity theft ruins your child's future.

Detecting key logger crime
Becoming aware of the different key logger techniques is the first step to protecting yourself.

Malicious spyware
The only way to absolutely ensure that your system is protected is to monitor your computer with spyware prevention and removel software.

Internet fraud increasing everyday
Internet fraud is increasing. Everything from credit card numbers to account information, passwords, billing data and personal phone numbers and addresses have been stolen and used for criminal purposes.

Improve your personal safety by following these 11 tips
When it comes to personal safety, many Americans are going a step further to ensure their own personal safety and the safety of their homes and offices.

A Personal Alarm Can Make the Perfect Gift
The Door Alarm accessory converts the Personal Alarm into a portable door or window alarm. Great for home, hotel rooms, college dorms, etc.

Home security - simple steps to improve it
The installation of home security systems, motion detectors, heat detectors, and the like are only the most obvious ways to protect your home.

Inside the mind of a property thief
inside the mind of a property thief

To thwart burglars, the first step to home security involves neighborhood awareness.

Astrology and relationships
One of the reasons astrology is such a useful tool is its neutrality. By describing a relationship astrologically, a distance can be achieved.

Using astrology and the moon to predict the future
Why should you bother to follow astrology? For the same reasons that we follow the weatherman's report. We want to be forewarned of the possibility of storms and conflicts so we can protect ourselves accordingly.

Astrology, Crime, and Insurance
Astrology is a gift. It 'forces open' your Third Eye. Certain aspects in a person's natal chart, especially to or from Mercury and Uranus, enable (or permit) them to see its truth.

Astrology symbols
People knew about the astrology symbols for many years. For many years astrology symbols have been used to stand for the different signs of the zodiac.

The astrology zone
You will find many free services at astrology zone as well as paid services that include getting personalized reports of your choice.

Astrology zodiac
Once your astrology charts, daily astrology reading and daily horoscope have been determined you can use them to help you make decisions about many things.

Indian astrology
Indian astrology is believed to be the oldest system of astrology in the world. It is highly authentic and its predictions are believed to be the most accurate.

Why to blame astrology
Why To Blame Astrology??

Is It Possible To Make Accurate Predictions From Astrology?
For making accurate astrology predictions, which is the main business of the astrology you require accurate tools.

Astrology compatibility
In determining astrology compatibility, some planets dominate and the others do not. The dominating planet will influence the personality more.

Astrology reports can help with relationships
Iin astrology, there are two main types of astrology reports that can be used to analyze a relationship.

The key players in astrology
Astrologers are an independent, eclectic, futuristic and dynamic group of people. Here are some of the key players.

Missing people
Every year more than half a million missing people are added to the missing persons statistics.

Sex offenders
For any parent, learning that a convicted sex offender lives on the same block, can be a chilling discovery.

Family violence repeats itself in vicious circle
Men who witnessed their mothers being physically abused by their fathers were three times as likely to be violent against their female partners than men who grew up in non-violent homes.

How does luminol help solve crimes?
Luminol is a chemical that glows with a bluish light when it comes in contact with blood. It even reacts with years old traces of blood.

Fighting crime with stun guns and pepper spray
Lets take a look at four main categories of defense items: pepper sprays, stun guns, personal alarms and firearms.

The 12 Days Of Christmas
There's probably no more misunderstood part of the church year among Christians who are not part of liturgical church traditions than the 12 days of Christmas.

Artificial Christmas Trees vs Real Trees
Artificial Christmas trees have a bad reputation but in many ways they're infinitely superior to real ones.

Christmas Candles
Unless you're not into retro Christmas decorating, Christmas candles help bring joy and fun to the holidays. It's time to take them out of storage.

Business Christmas Cards Etiquette
There is a certain etiquette that businesses who send Christmas cards should follow in order get the most benefit and avoid potential misunderstandings.

Christmas Carols
Are you longing to sing Christmas carols but have no one to sing with? Force others to enjoy the holiday season by singing along with you.

Christmas Crafts
Making Christmas crafts is not among the most important things in life, but it makes Christmas time a lot more fun.

Christmas Craft Ideas
Want to come up with Cheap Christmas craft ideas such as homemade Christmas beaded ornaments with CDs, felt, ribbon, artificial wreaths, and other items around the house?

Christmas Decor
Make your Christmas bright by choosing a Christmas decor that will incorporate fun, bring back memories, and possibly help you reflect on religion.

Christmas Decorations
From holiday gift Christmas baskets to mistletoe, Christmas decorations in the U.S. bear a striking resemblance to Christmas decorations in Germany.

Christmas Desktop Backgrounds
Looking for Christmas desktop background to brighten up the holidays. Here are a few tips for you.

Christmas Fabric
Finding the right Christmas fabric for sewing, quilting, and crafting is not as difficult as you may think. You don't need special hometown Christmas thimbleberries fabric to impress the crowd.

Buying Christmas Gifts
Shopping for Christmas gifts doesn't have to be so hard, Here are some tips to help you get past the buying season.

Christmas Gift Baskets
This year, break away from the pack and let your Christmas gift baskets reflect your personality.

Christmas Gift Ideas
Men have no trouble with Christmas gift ideas for themselves. It's the women and children who are the problem.

Christmas Kareoke
With Christmas kareoke, no one has to be a good singer. You just have to want to have fun.

The value of an astrology birth chart
Each civilization devised its own astrology birth chart based on the celestial chart as seen from that specific region, there is a lot of sense making things in European and Chinese birth charts.

Is astrology a real science?
It is believed that the positions of the celestial bodies in the sky influences many things such as your personality traits, your physical characteristics and even important things that will happen within your life.

Gaining an edge from astrology
Astrology as typically seen in the West through silly horoscopes in the newspaper, does not work. Yet a seasoned astrologer can shed enormous light on your life.

Influence of astrology in Indian marriages
In India, when a child attains marriageable age, his/her natal chart is matched with those of prospective brides and grooms to find an astrologically compatible match.

Learning more about astrology birth charts
Does it amount to outright foolishness to believe that the alignment and position of the stars or an astrology birth chart can collude to determine peoples fate or destiny?

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